Pacific Cultures Gallery

Shrunken heads in the Pacific Cultures Gallery.

The Pacific Cultures Gallery offers students insights into the traditional life, technologies and history of the people who are Australia’s near neighbours.

Traditional Cultures in the Pacific

The gallery has extensive displays of Pacific artefacts. It also features large screens showing a mixture of historical and contemporary films which will assist students to interpret the exhibits.

Pacific Islander News

The following information about aspects of the Pacific Cultures Gallery can be used by students or teachers. They may be useful when preparing for a visit or when following up on investigations carried out in the gallery.

Past, Present and Future

La-sisi Malangan Canoe

Sulka Dance Masks

Masks from the Pacific Cultures Gallery


For schools with a particular curriculum focus on the Asia-Pacific region

Why not coordinate your Museum visit with a trip to the Art Gallery of South Australia or the Botanic Gardens where they offer programs with a focus on Asia.