Non-English Speakers


The Museum is an extraordinary resource for language development and to gain an understanding of aspects of Australia.

Often there are not enough Museum Education staff to teach all these classes so we ask teachers to take some things into consideration.

Is the main focus of the excursion language development?

If so, a self-guided visit is the most appropriate as it allows the teacher to build students’ understanding based on their knowledge of the students’ vocabulary and grammatical mastery.

Is the main focus of the visit knowledge acquisition?

If the students already have a basic knowledge of the topic and a moderate (or better) grasp of English, then a lesson led by Museum Education staff is appropriate.

If the visit is to introduce a topic or if the students’ command of English indicates concepts must be explained in basic terms, the class teacher is the most appropriate person to interpret the galleries. The teacher will then be able to take into account the students’ prior knowledge, vocabulary and grammatical mastery.


International Exchange Students

We recommend that teachers book international exchange students into the Museum with students from their host Australian schools. The opportunity for students from both cultures to interact in the galleries is enriching for both parties.