Discovery Trails


Discovery trails are designed for students who are looking at the Museum as a whole.

For these trails it is important to split classes into small, supervised groups to visit multiple galleries, with each group in a different gallery. Small groups moving around the Museum displays do not inconvenience the public nor other classes that have booked programs into a particular gallery.

There are two versions of the Discovery Trail: one for older students and one for younger students.


Discovery Trail Older Students

In this program the pages are split into two sections. The answers to questions from the upper part of each page can be recorded in the lower part. Teachers may wish to give their students only the upper section and allow them to record their answers in their own way.

Discovery Trail for Older Students


Discovery Trail for Early Years

The guide book below has information and questions for parents and teachers to read to students. Students can answer verbally or record their answers in their own Museum record books.

Guidebook to read to Early Years students

Museum Record Book for Early Years