Year 7 Grouping Animals

This program explains and elaborates techniques and uses for animal classification. The booklet Grouping Animals (below) can be reproduced for each student. It contains more activities than can be achieved in the average one hour visit so teachers may wish to:

  • select some pages for their students;
  • allow students to select their own pages; or
  • allocate different pages to each group so that all information can be collected and shared back at school.

The gallery is rich and diverse so it is important that students are given the opportuntiy to look around the gallery and make their own discoveries before the booklet pages are handed out.

Pre-visit Research

This is not an introductory program. Before using it students need some background in classification. They need to have some familiarity with classification terms such as Order, Family, Genus and Species. It would be beneficial for students to have used a simple classification key and to know the names of some of the major animal groups such as mammals, reptiles, insects, arachnids and others.

Grouping Animals