Australian Polar Collections (formerly Mawson)

Boys in the Mawson Gallery.

Please note:

The Mawson Gallery has undergone substantial refurbishment and has reopened to the public from late December 2017 with a new name "Australian Polar Collections".

We have given greater visibility to some of the more significant objects and improved the physical experience in the space. New interpretation enhances the cohesion of the story of Mawson, his contemporaries, research, expeditions, and their legacies, and the new presentation brings more of the Museum’s relevant contemporary science to the fore.

The education team will be developing new resources to support teaching and learning in future - we appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, please bring your classes and in the spirit of Mawson, explore the renewed space and displays.


Sir Douglas Mawson was a geologist, explorer and adventurer.

The findings from his time in Antarctica and Australia has ongoing importance to our understanding of the world in which we live.

This gallery showcases the scientific information that Mawson and his team acquired in Antarctica. It also reflects upon the inspirational qualities of his life.

Geology, biology and history are addressed in this exhibit.