Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery

Students learning in Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery

Aboriginal Cultures

There are two floors to the Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery offering so much to see that each floor is worthy of a visit in its own right.

The ground floor focuses on Aboriginal Technologies and Culture whilst the first floor focuses on Aboriginal Art, Design and Technology. We ask that you choose a particular learning focus for your students’ visit to either the ground floor or level 1.

Choose from the lessons listed to investigate innovative technologies developed by Aboriginal people in their quest for food and water whilst living in diverse environments across South and Central Australia.


Useful online resources

Speaking Land  This is also available on the computers in the gallery.

Ngurunderi  An Aboriginal Dreaming


Gallery Highlights

These downloads below provide information about the collections. They are also useful as a pre-visit reading exercise.

Aboriginal Gallery News (Ground Floor)

Aboriginal Gallery News (Level 1)

We also have a Discovery Case which can be loaned to your school on Aboriginal Technologies.