Earth sciences education in partnership with the Department for Energy and Mining

DEM learning
We are pleased to offer a range of upcoming learning opportunities for students and educators as part of a new partnership with the Department for Energy and Mining.
Watch out for new Earth and Environmental Sciences resources and programs aligned with the Australian Curriculum for learning at the South Australian Museum and beyond.
Earth and Environmental Sciences Summer School
December 12-15 2019
In this four-day program, participants will delve into a range of geoscience streams with expert scientists on topics including palaeontology, mineralogy, geology and environmental management. Students will visit different facilities including the world-renowned South Australia Drill Core Reference Library and the South Australian Museum and will also spend time in the field.
This summer school is for high school students currently in years 8 - 12 with an interest in Science Technology, Engineering and Maths and is offered free for successful applicants.
Applications are now open and due at midnight on 14 November 2019. Please email your form to