Discovery Centre

James in the Information Centre

The Discovery Centre on Level 1 is the place to go to get your questions answered. 

Our team knows all about our exhibits and can even help identify any specimens you bring in. If you do manage to stump them with a particularly tricky question, they have our expert scientists to call on to help find the answer. 

Make a trip to the Discovery Centre and take a look into a secret world with our microeye, watch our bees busily making honey, or just enjoy the fun, hands-on experience. There's something for all ages. 

It is open daily from 11am-4pm weekdays, and 11am-3pm weekends and public holidays.

If you have a question but can't make it in person, please  ask a question via email, or call us on 08 8207 7404.

Items for donation may be deposited with the Discovery Centre for consideration by the Museum.



The Discovery Centre is generously supported by the Thyne Reid Foundation.