Still in my mind: Gurindji location, experience and visuality


18 October 2019–08 December 2019

10am - 5pm daily
South Australian Museum



Still in my mind reflects on the enduring impacts of dispossession and displacement, including those of a pivotal land rights event, the 1966–75 Gurindji ‘walk-off’. Using photographs, paintings, video, digital platforms and archival material, it presents a multilayered picture of cultural continuity, connection to Country, possession and dispossession from diverse standpoints, demonstrating how Gurindji and associated peoples keep the past present through kinship and cultural practices. It is inspired by the words of Gurindji/Malngin leader Vincent Lingiari, ‘that land ... I still got it on my mind’.

Artists: Brenda L. Croft, Jimmy Wavehill Ngawanyja Japalyi, Michael George ‘Nutwood’ Tulngayarri Japalyi, Pauline Ryan Kilngarri Namija, Leah Leaman Yinpingali Namija, Ena Oscar Majapula Nanaku, Violet Wadrill Nanaku, Sarah Oscar Yanyjingali Nanaku, Connie Mosquito Ngarmeiye Nangala, Biddy Wavehill Yamawurr Nangala, Serena Donald Narrpingali Nimarra, Rachael Morris Namitja

Archival material: Axel Poignant, Norman Tindale, Brian Manning, Michael Terry, Hannah Middleton, Mervyn Bishop, Rob Wesley-Smith, Minoru Hokari, Lyn Riddett, Penny Smith

Access: wheelchair accessible, lifts, accessible toilets

Still in my mind: Gurindji location, experience and visuality is presented as part of Tarnanthi: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

Tarnanthi is presented by the Art Gallery of South Australia in partnership with BHP and with the support of the Government of South Australia.

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