Information resources


Mixed media including film, sound recordings, printed matter, photographs and a register.

The South Australian Museum offers a range of information services and resources for staff and visitors, online and in person.

Archival information is made available to the local and international community through publication, promotion, education and exhibitions. The specialised knowledge contained in the Museum's Archives contributes to a better understanding of Indigenous culture, geological diversity and biodiversity. It is the repository for the Museum’s corporate history.

The Discovery Centre on Level 1 is the place to go to get your questions answered. Our team knows all about our exhibits and can even help identify any specimens you bring in. It is open daily from 11am–4pm weekdays, and 11am–3pm weekends and public holidays.

The Museum Library maintains a core collection of key reference works that support scientific collection and exhibition research undertaken at the Museum, as well as assisting with displays and promotion in the galleries. Since 1898, the library has developed specialised collections in the areas of zoology, taxonomy, anthropology, world cultures, archaeology, earth and environmental sciences and museology.

The Ara Irititja Project is an online database aimed at repatriating materials of cultural and historical significance to Anangu. These include photographs, films, sound recordings and documents.