Digital Collections

The South Australian Museum cares for more than four million objects across our biological sciences, earth sciences and humanities collections. You can access data and images from some of these collections online on our own and other websites.

Digitisation is a work in progress at the Museum, and these online collections are regularly updated as further data and images become available. If you can't find the information or images that you're seeking online, please contact us on our online enquiry page, or through the relevant collections staff.


Search or browse the Australian Aboriginal Cultures collection
Staff and volunteers are working on digitising the Australian Aboriginal Cultural Collections, one of the most representative in the world. As these images and information become available you can search or browse them on our website.


South Australian Museum collections on the ALA
Data and images from the biological sciences collections are available as part of the Atlas of Living Australia. This national collaborative initiative provides access to biodiversity collections from Australia's museums, herbaria and other biological collections, observational and other relevant datasets and a range of useful and sophisticated analysis tools.


South Australian Museum Archive collections
Archival records and documents collected by the South Australian Museum contribute to a better understanding of Indigenous culture, geological diversity and biodiversity. You can access these archives through our searchable database.


South Australian Museum collections on the Spencer and Gillen Journey through Aboriginal Australia website
Images, records and objects from the South Australian Museum related to Frances James Gillen's and Walter Baldwin Spencer's anthropological study between 1875 and 1912 can be found on the collaborative site Spencer and Gillen: A journey through Aboriginal Australia.


South Australian Museum collections as a part of the Upper Sepik-Central New Guinea Project
Objects of material culture sourced from the Upper Sepik basin and Central New Guinea highlands can be found online with similar collections from museums worldwide as a part of the Upper Sepik-Central New Guinea Project.


South Australian Museum Library holdings
Issues of the Records of the South Australian Museum and the Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia are available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Other library holdings, including volumes of natural history, Australian Aboriginal Studies and exploration of Australia can be searched through Trove.


Data SA Website
The South Australian Museum supports the South Australian Government's Open Data initiatives and links to the sites detailed above and other information are available on the data portal.