McCartney bottles containing parasite specimens preserved in alcohol in the Parasitology Collection, one of nine collections in Biological Sciences.

The South Australian Museum houses over four million objects and specimens. They provide irreplaceable records against which we are constantly building and modifying our knowledge and understanding of the natural and cultural world. They are a vital part of Australia’s national heritage and play an integral role in the international scientific accord to document our world.


Items from the Australian Aboriginal Cultures collection.

 Items from the Australian Aboriginal Cultures collection.

Mineral Sciences Collection

Crocoite, a lead chromate, from the Dundas minerals field, Zeehan district, Tasmania, in the Mineral Sciences collection. The old mines are now worked solely for specimen minerals such as these.

One drawer of fossils.

 A single drawer of fossils in the Museum's Palaeontology Collection.

Museum Library.

The Museum Library, part of the Information Resources collections.